Nici Vance. Last Updated on September 14, 2021 by Danielle Denham. When she isn't out and about exploring for derelict places to photograph, you may find her hanging around in Eugene Oregon with Tyler Willford and his two awesome kiddos. As of April 10, the GoFundMe has raised $8,530 of its $20,000 goal. Sells had some dental work completed in preparation for a crown and was missing his front tooth at the time of his disappearance. In the years that followed, the Douglas County Sheriffs Office received no verifiable sightings and no credible leads. Robbery may have been the motive in this case as no wallet was found on the victim or in his vehicle. Uncovered: Unsolved Oregon Murders Around four months after she vanished, Hermiston Police told Dateline that they had no confirmed details available about exactly where or when [Graciela] was last seen. Gracielas husband has inevitably been questioned, and many found it suspicious that he did not report Graciela missing to the police. She is one of thousands of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW). Suzanne Justis has not been located or heard from since November 5, 1973, nor has her body been recovered as of this date. Hours later, a person observed an unconscious person in a pickup parked at the tavern. 'A Crisis Ignored': Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women 10 Ducks we can't wait to watch at Oregon's spring game UPDATE | Woman found Tuesday after going missing from Eugene home early Jeremy suffers from a medical condition requiring medication. Christine Ann Nelson - The Charley Project He was said to have wandered away from the rave at the campground at around 4.30 am and has not been seen since. Brad ODell said. I'm 99.9% sure that these items were planted. Cause of death: Blunt impacts to his head, Brief synopsis: George Castaneda was assaulted and died from injuries to his head. This is a no-questions-asked prescription drug drop off in effort to prevent the unsafe disposal of prescription medications, and to prevent medications from being stolen or abused. A $10,500 reward is being offered for information in this case and Cynthia remains missing. Authorities have found bodies of both missing Eugene kayakers Contact him, and follow him on Twitter@LouisKraussNews. Investigators never determined how she ended up in the water, but plaster casts of tennis shoe prints were taken from the mud nearby. Stephanie was also a close friend of Larry Shipley, a convicted murderer who had once been married to Cross, but no evidence links Shipley to Stephanies disappearance. Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office at 541-682-4150 opt. Did Michael simply wander from camp under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs and get lost in the wilderness? April 29, 2023 5:27 am PT. They said he can be combative when intoxicated and needed to go to the hospital. and our Dehoop was last seen at approximately 7:00 a.m. on April 22, 2005 when she dropped her husband off at work at the Home Depot in the vicinity of the 1000 block of Green Acres Road in Eugene, Oregon. The public plays a crucial role in helping to solve these cases and EPD has multiple ways to contact the investigators, including through an anonymous tip line. Benton County Sheriff Jef Van Arsdall thanked the more than a dozen agencies from area counties that provided "overwhelming assistance" and property owners who allowed search and rescue teams to access the river and use resources. Correction - This call took place on Saturday morning shortly prior to 8:00am. Her boss and boyfriend reported her missing. Willamette Valley News, Friday 9/24: 44-Year-Old Lane County Cold Case Philip was initially cooperative with the police investigating his wife's case, but he eventually refused to take a polygraph, hired an attorney and stopped talking to authorities. Cold Cases | Eugene, OR Website 99E by a Junction City police officer at about 2:30pm. She is described as a loving mother who would not abandon her children. A call taker could hear gunshots being fired in the background as the 911 call was received. They believe she was murdered, but they cannot charge any suspect due to a lack of evidence. BLUE RIVER, Ore. -- The family of a woman from the Blue River area is trying to raise a search party to find her after she was reported missing without a trace last Tuesday. Missing Children/Adults Clearinghouse Phone: 503-934-0188 Toll Free: 1-800-282-7155 To report a missing person call your local law enforcement agency. They were sitting around, drinking, eating, laughing - nobody was out searching for him, so I felt in my gut something had happened. Create new account. The lawsuit was dropped after Philip agreed to withdraw all claims to Christine's estate, including her retirement and insurance benefits. Passage of this measure would not increase the tax rate and renews a current local option tax. Last summer in Eugene Oregon a girl threw a giant multiday rave for her birthday in the forrest outside of town on a remote mountain in the forrest. ###PPB### He was taken into custody and lodged at the Lane County Jail on charges including Menacing, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, and Reckless Endangering. He has never been charged in her disappearance. Some of the volunteers that had been working with him stated that they had noticed some behavior that was concerning. Sheriff's Office - Lane County On 11/19/2011, David Michael Grubbs was walking home from work on a popular Ashland bike path when he was brutally murdered. MISSING PERSON : r/EugeneOregon - Reddit Questions or tips can be directed to or you can call our toll free number at 800-282-7155. He reportedly wandered away from a group of friends who were partying at the campground and has not been seen since. Oregon's missing children. Its really hard for me to believe that they were there the whole time.. Brief synopsis:The Eugene Police Department was notified about an unconscious man in a champagne colored 1996 4-door Honda Accord parked in the parking lot at the Office Max business. Donations are accepted but not expected; the site remains free-access to all. Cookie Notice Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy. Fire and police investigators found the fire was deliberately set by a person or persons unknown. Subscribe to receive FlashAlert messages from Lane Co. Sheriff's Office. Her case remains unsolved. The Lane County Sheriff's Office is asking the public for help finding 47-year-old Shane Eldor Sprenger, who has been reported missing since Wednesday. She moved back in with her parents, but Philip begged to her to reconcile and she began spending weekends with him at their house. Search crews found another kayak but have not confirmed if it was the womans, he added. We are unable to accept: Needles, thermometers, bloody or infectious waste, medications from businesses, hydrogen peroxide, aerosol cans, inhalers, and diabetic meters. Michael Bryson, 27, of Eugene, Oregon, was last seen at Hobo Camp Campground near Dorena, Oregon in the early morning hours of August 5, 2020. Upon investigation by police, it was determined the registered owner of the car, Kenneth Wilson, was assaulted and kidnapped. A possible vehicle involved was described as a late 70's or early 80's compact or mid-size pickup truck, white or light colored. The Lane County Sheriffs Office is asking for the publics assistance in locating 40-year-old Mekenna Reiley of Blue River. On October 2, 2005, 44 year old Angela Wilson was found dead in the Willamette River near the Jasper Bridge (pictured) in Jasper, Oregon. He was said to have wandered away from the rave party at the campground at around 4.30 am and has not been seen since. And most of those people left the day Michael went missing, and continued to hold raves and parties., He added that while many people left the campgrounds, there were a few friends and several strangers who dedicated their time and energy to the search, We stayed at the campgrounds for 19 days looking for our son, And were truly grateful for those who stayed and helped.. Date and time of homicide:January 16, 1987, between 7:45 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Brief synopsis:Robert Seller was walking from the Eugene Mission to his car, in which he lived. Reference LCSO case number 23-1855. Justis's mother died in 2012; in her obituary, it says Justis pre-deceased her. She disappeared shortly before a severe winter storm struck the area. By the time of her disappearance, Christine was still undecided as to whether to end her marriage. For resources for Missing Persons Investigations, please contact the Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office (OSME) Human Identification Program/Dr. Surveillance video was able to capture images of both the suspect and his vehicle. A Eugene police officer was flagged down and discovered Dale Behm deceased in the pickup. The difficulty of navigating that part of the river in a boat or kayak likely was a factor in causing what police believe to be an accidental death. Other cars in the lot were covered with ice, but Stephanies car was not. Police believe David had been deceased less than a half-hour before his body was found. Stephanies husband, Stan Douglas, arrived home from work the following morning and found the children safe in bed and his wife missing. Harold Stookey was convicted of murdering Stephanies best friend, June Cross, who disappeared two weeks after Stephanie did. Investigators also said Grubbs didnt appear to have any defensive wounds, and that his wallet and money were left in his pocket. At the time of her death, Barbara Cunningham was estranged from her husband who was living in Sweden. Missing Persons Program To report a missing person, contact local police. Brief synopsis: Pirtle, who was without housing, was attacked while waiting with another man for the blood bank to open. Episode 71 Toby Anderson 16 Year old Toby Eugene Anderson vanished from the Selma, Oregon area in the Fall of 1988. . by Consistent_Cry163. Date and Time of disappearance: January 27, 1997 at about 1:00 a.m. In the days that followed Marks disappearance, volunteers, local firefighters, a search and rescue team and K9s yielded nothing. at the time she went missing. Date and time of homicide:Evening of March 21 or early morning hours of March 22, 1978. The assailant was described as a white male, 20-30 years of age, 5'5" in height, weighing about 145 lbs. Date and time of homicide: March 1, 1975, between 8:30 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. Brief synopsis: Margo Ascencio's body was found in a motel room. Brief synopsis: Sharon Hiller was last seen alive after completing her dancing shift at the Alaska Bush Company nightclub. Date and time of homicide:Octaviano Zaragoza was assaulted during the late hours of Halloween night, October 31, 1992, or early morning hours of November 1, 1992. Investigation revealed Ball suffered multiple blows to his head with a blunt-instrument. However, he was described as a popular, likable teenager and a star basketball player who was looking forward to the start of the school year. The post reads, [Gracielas husband] has consented to a search of his home and other property under his control, been interviewed on more than one occasion, provided DNA samples, etc. However, he has reportedly cooperated with the investigation. Questions or tips can be directed to or you can call our toll free number at 800-282-7155. He was close to his sister and it would have been uncharacteristic of him to abandon her, and he did not take his wallet or extra clothes when he went missing. Her body was found by school staff members prior to school opening the morning of March 22, 1978. Recently she was featured on a regional-Emmy-winning episode of Oregon Field Guide, and is currently writing a book on Abandoned Oregon. He spoke to his mother on a payphone on the day of his disappearance, and she stated their conversation was normal. The witness was a regular customer at the Grocery Cart and realized that it was uncharacteristic for Reid to leave the store unattended. Stookey refused to take a lie detector test in Stephanies case, and also denied involvement in Crosss murder. The Sheriff's Office identified 26-year-old Bendix earlier in the week after finding his body in the river but continued searching for 23-year-old Dukes. On the evening of November 8th, 2019, Graciela had dinner plans with her 14-year-old son, who was staying at his fathers home. On May 4, 2020, Chases car was located by the Lane County Sheriffs Office in the area of Quartz Creek Rd. He reportedly wandered away from a group of. Louis Krauss covers breaking news for The Register-Guard. He left his keys and wallet behind at his stepfathers home, as well as a watch hed bought recently. Acceptable items: Prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, drug samples, pet medications, ointments, lotions, and liquid medicines in glass or leak proof containers. Cynthias mother found out that Cynthia met up with another friend at the quinceanera that night and the two went together to Tequila Nights in Keizer, Oregon. Police are asking anyone who sees a green kayak or has information related to Dukes' disappearance along the river north of Ferguson Road to contact Iverson at or call 541-230-0984. Date and time last seen: August 20, 1973, around 6 p.m. Justis's mother booked a room for her for the night at a nearby hotel, but Justis never used it, never arrived in Eugene and has never been heard from again. Oregon Missing. Crews also used drones, helicopters and boats to aid in the search. She was splitting custody of her son with her ex-husband, but also still spoke with her son regularly while he was with his father. Lane County Sheriff Cliff Harrold will be available for questions related to the proposed Lane County Jail Levy Renewal (Measure 20-340). It contained some of her belongings, but no trace of the missing woman. [1] [2] Early life She had served as a bridesmaid in a friends wedding that day, and after the ceremony, the wedding party went to the lounge. Lane County Sheriffs Office Search and Rescue K9 and ground teams have been searching the area where his vehicle was found. The investigation revealed Margo Ascencio had previously been associated with members of the Hessian motorcycle gang. Lane Co. Sheriff's Office news via FlashAlert.Net Scan this QR code to download the app now. Location of homicide: 40 East 10th Avenue (His body was found in the doorway of a downtown mall blood donor bank -Photo). She had a belated birthday breakfast with her parents that morning and asked them to watch her children so she could go out that evening to a quinceanera with friends. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted the male at the residence. Even in his toughest times, he would always contact us. Brief synopsis: Azucena Terrazas was the sole employee working at a money transfer business in Eugene. She suffered numerous stab wounds. Deputies and Dukes's family recovered her body by canoe in Lane County on Friday about 75 yards downriver of a fish ladder, according to a news release. On Saturday afternoon, Dan Lanning and the Ducks will once again take the field at Autzen Stadium with fans in the seats and the sun shining. Authorities investigated several possible sightings of Stephanie in the months following her disappearance, but none of the sightings were confirmed. (PLEASE: MENTION THE CASE VICTIM'S NAME WHEN SUBMITTING A TIP TO CRIME STOPPERS.). Oregon Lostnmissing . It is described as primitive, which is okay for a night or two, but not somewhere you would want to camp longer term. Last updated October 11, 2011; picture added. An employee reported that a male pointed a handgun directly at her and demanded that she give him all of the cash inside of the register. On Sunday, 04/23/2023, at approximately 1:00pm, Lane County Sheriffs Deputies responded to the report of an armed robbery at a local coffee business in the 35000blk of Hwy. Angela was homeless and frequented homeless camps in Glenwood and Eugene. We will be adding cases as we receive them, please check back for updates. Searching for missing people in Oregon's Willamette Valley. In the weeks prior to her disappearance, Parker had repeatedly wandered away from home and her psychotic symptoms appeared to be getting worse. By 2019, both of Gracielas daughters were grown and living on their own, but Graciela still spoke to them daily. Stookey is not the only suspect in Stephanies case; her husband Stan had allegedly been abusive towards his wife and he failed a lie detector test after her disappearance, but he had an alibi for the time she vanished and authorities have never been able to tie him to her case. The location is about 15 miles from the Nelson home and not far from the highway. Oregon Missing Persons is a page created to share the stories of the loved ones who have gone missing in the state of Oregon and our connecting states See more Guidelines for posting to this page: Post a photo or flyer if you have one, in the description please include the following: *Name of MP (Missing Pe See more 12,715 people like this The estimated tax rate for this levy is $0.55 per $1,000 of assessed value. Police are looking for information from anyone who saw Alvarez-Olivera in the early hours of July 17th at bar close and possibly in rural areas of Keizer, Brooks, Lake Labish, Silverton, Mt Angel, Scotts Mills, or Molala, Oregon during the morning of July 18th. This makes her disappearance all the more heartbreaking. No deputies or medical personnel were physically injured during the incident. He is one of 48 children from Oregon listed . She was last seen alive by this acquaintance at 1:30 a.m. Murder of Brooke Wilberger - Wikipedia In July of 2017, we received a call from a citizen, who called and said they found a backpack. But for years, his passion was music and he was often invited to DJ sets at parties and raves across the state. PORTLAND, Ore. Nearly two weeks after an Oregon man disappeared from downtown Portland while on a call with his fiance, his family and friends are still searching for him, and hoping for . Location of homicide: South bank of the Willamette River in Skinner Butte Park near the Greenway Footbridge (near N. Polk Street and Bailey Lane). Her body was found partially hidden under tree debris. Judy is 51-53 and weighed around 120 lbs. Zachary Porter was a 25-year-old single dad living with his parents in McMinnville when he traveled to North Bend on July 23, 2013, to sell a motorcycle to a man he met on Craigslist. There were items in the bag that we knew Mark had, and there were also things in there that stated they belonged to Mark, Douglas County Sheriffs Office spokesperson Sgt. According to Detective Richard Smith with the Lane County Sheriffs Office, Michael wandered away in an unknown direction and he had left his camping gear behind, his phone was powered off and he hasnt accessed his bank account since. According to the missing persons brother, Bevin Stepp, the local police department does not have the resources necessary to carry out a search. Search continues for Oregon man missing from campground since early August Michaels father said, He did not just disappear into thin air. She has never been heard from again. The male then departed the location in an unknown direction with an undisclosed amount of cash. Photos. We cant fully close that door, but theres no indication theres anything criminal in nature in this, Duffitt said. One theory is that she went into the woods to retrieve a cache of drugs. A deputy told the male multiple times to drop the weapon. Date and time of homicide:At approximately 5 a.m.,January 1, 1993, Cause of death:Inhalation of products of combustion due to arson. Missing Persons: Toby Anderson on Apple Podcasts The Medical Examiner's Office does not take missing persons reports. Anyone with information about Reileys whereabouts is asked to contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office at 541-682-4150 and reference case number 23-1855.
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